About Us

Welcome to the Middle Georgia Bicycle and Pedestrian website! This website has been established to be a useful source on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian related topics. It has been designed for the educator, parent, bicycle enthusiast, community planner and local citizen interested in bicycle and pedestrian activities in the 11-county middle Georgia region.

Here you will be able to find the latest information on:

  • Regional and local bicycle and pedestrian plans;
  • Safe routes to school programs and activities;
  • the proposed rails-to-trails project between Macon and Milledgeville;
  • The designated scenic byways under the State Scenic Byway Program;
  • The current design standards for bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety;
  • Local, state and federal funding sources for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs; and
  • Local, state and national bicycle and pedestrian organizations and current events they are sponsoring.

Please feel free to let us know about any details you would like to see provided on this site.  Contact the Middle Georgia Regional Commission Planning Department at (478) 751-6160 or via email at bikeped@mg-rc.org.