Safe Routes to School


Below please find resources to make your Safe Routes to School initiatives successful in Middle Georgia:

To learn more about Safe Routes to School in Middle Georgia, please contact:

Taki Smith
School Outreach Coordinator-East Central Georgia Region
Georgia Safe Routes to School Resource Center

Clean Air Schools
Is your school enrolled in the Clean Air Schools program? This is a great complement to your SRTS program! Clean Air Schools is a FREE program offered through the Clean Air Campaign and it focuses on improving air quality around schools with programs that encourage no idling, carpooling, and riding the bus.

School Newsletter Blurbs:
Consider designating a section in your school’s newsletter for fun facts, tips, and information on Safe Routes to School!

“Safety tips for crossing the street:
– Stop at the curb or the edge of the road if there is no curb.
– Stop and look left, then right, then left again for moving cars before you step into the street.
– If you see a car, wait until it goes by. Then look left, right, left again until no cars are coming.
– If a car is parked where you are crossing, look to make sure there is no driver and that the car is not running.
– Next, go to the edge of the car and look left-right-left to see if cars are coming.
– When no cars are coming, Walk — do not run — across the road. Keep looking left-right-left for cars while you are crossing.”

Parent Survey Available Online:
Want to learn more about parents’ thoughts on Safe Routes at your school? If you primarily communicate with parents via email, the National Center for Safe Routes to School provides an online option for the Parent Survey available in English and Spanish. The Parent Survey is also available in hard copy for your convenience. The National Center will analyze the results for you and generate a report for your school, which is great data to have.

Be informed and inform others! Find out who has the right of way in and out of the crosswalk?

Many drivers aren’t sure what to do when they encounter a pedestrian. In 1995 the Georgia legislature changed the crosswalk law such that drivers must “stop and stay stopped” for pedestrians, not just yield to them. Be sure you know the law. You’ll avoid a ticket and maybe save a life.

SRTS Infrastructure Grant Awards:

Congratulations to Crawford County Schools and Baldwin County Schools! In June 2011, the Georgia Department of Transportation announced the award of federal funds for Safe Routes to School projects in both counties. $358,530.00 was awarded for the City of Roberta’s Crawford County Elementary and Middle School and Crawford County Eagle’s Nest School. These funds will allow the schools to enhance walking and bicycling opportunities for their students.

Almost $500,000 was awarded for SRTS projects for Blandy Hills Elementary, Creekside Elementary, Eagle Ridge Elementary and Midway Elementary Schools in Baldwin County. In conjunction with the Georgia DOT, the Baldwin County Board of Education, which sponsored the projects, will construct a 3 mile multi-use trail to connect to an existing trail serving the schools, Board of Education Office, Early Learning Center and the community at large. Access from the surrounding residential communities will be provided directly to the school properties. This will make it easier and safer for students and teachers to walk or bike to class.

Additional Resources:

The National Highway Traffic safety Administration has put together a Safe Routes to School Toolkit with information on maps, promotional materials, classroom activities, forms, and additional resources.
The National Center for Safe Routes to School aims to assist communities in developing successful Safe Routes programs and Strategies.
National Safes Routes to School Task Force